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Embrace the Magic of the Forest

Embrace the Magic of the Forest


Reconnect with the forest with our Lumberjack party theme! Do you remember those hard working people that used to walk across the forest with their tools and their songs? They used hand tools to harvest the forest and their strength and courage became legendary. The world has changed and we’ve become estranged from nature. It’s time to go back!

Lumberjack theme illustrates manual tools and wild animals and celebrates the real connection between man and nature. It’s perfect for boys’ parties (especially if they are Scouts!), for celebrating graduations, retirements, and any work related event, and for one Jack’s birthday party.

The spirit of Lumberjacks is energizing, refreshing, and strong. You can smell the woods, feel the mountain air, and understand what community means. Lumberjack theme is about getting together and having fun!

The Lumberjack package includes a banner with a deer, cupcake toppers with tools, moose, and bears, and a cake topper with a deer. If you don’t have any ideas for the cake, choose a Forest moss cake or a Black forest cake to complete the theme. And if you need more bears in the story (who doesn’t?!), add the Mama Bear package for a full adventure in the forest.