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Our Story

Hey party planners, I'm Patricia, and here's a bit about me.

I am from an Island called Margarita, in Venezuela. Yes, that is Margarita like the drink! And I’ve been living in Miami, Florida, for twenty years now. The effervescence of these sun-blessed places is reflected in the way I live and work.

I’ve always been a dreamer and a maker. These two features go pretty well together and give me the excitement to keep pursuing my goals. As a result, I am an entrepreneur, I studied Graphic Design and Advertising. I’m always designing or crafting new pieces and when I’m not doing that I’m creating new party themes, looking for inspiration, or enjoying a good meal. Probably one that includes avocado.

I started Perlaos in 2014 as a little handmade party decor shop on Etsy, the idea came to me when thinking about working on something I could do everyday with joy, multitasking and serving others while I do what I like the most, create! Its name is inspired by my passion for pearls. They have a delicate beauty and unique personality as each pearl is different and perfect in its way. So are my products: designed with care and love and manually crafted in unique pieces. I like to use premium materials, paying close attention to quality. It’s also a lesson learned from pearls and their precious attitude.

I love what I do and how I do it. The long hours of work are a joy that I share with my husband (yes, he quit his full-time job to join me and support my dream), my staff, and my customer. I love to be part of our clients’ memories and challenged by their wishes, be inspired by my creative team, and take care of every little detail. Every event is different, every theme is special. We handle everything with curiosity and enthusiasm.

When I need to recharge my batteries I go back to nature, travel, or create something new. It seems I can’t live without imagining things that make people happy.

Perlaos has come a long way in a short time. Today it’s a full established business. In addition to our own website, our products can also be found on Amazon, and of course Etsy. Still, we have the same energy and dedication for each customer. We listen to every wish and let the magic do the rest. 

Like the fairy of party decorations, I like to have happy customers that don’t change to pumpkins at midnight. Or if they do, at least it should be part of their wish.

For me Perlaos is more than a business. It’s a part of who I am and grows inside me like a pearl in its shell. It gives me the freedom to be my own manager and the responsibility to take care of people’s celebrations. It gives me a chance to explore the beauty of art, nature, traditions, bedtime stories, and feelings.

Really, it’s an endless happy-end adventure.

Thank you for being part of Perlaos story!