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Lumberjack Cupcake Toppers


Please provide us name and age of preference under the "special instructions for seller" box shown when processing the purchase. 



• TWO (2) Bear Lumberjack cupcake toppers (size: 3.18"w X 1.90"h + white lollipop stick)
• TWO (2) Beard Lumberjack cupcake toppers (size: 2.28"w X 2.10"h + white lollipop stick)
• TWO (2) Age circle Lumberjack cupcake toppers featuring the age of preference (size: 2.4" diameter + white lollipop stick)
• TWO (2) Moose Lumberjack cupcake toppers (size: 1.75"w X 3.18"h + white lollipop stick)
• TWO (2) Ax Lumberjack cupcake toppers (size: 4"w X 2.17"h + white lollipop stick)

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